October 04, 2009

Scam On Cell-Phone

My cell phone bill for last month (the latest one) has an extra $30 to its usual amount around $40 leading to a big number of over $70. It really sucks. Where does that extra come from? And why does it appear in my bill? Simply, there are scams on my cell-phone but I have no idea about them until today after I consulted with a Sasktel customer service staff. The extra $30 is called Text Messaging Premium categorized as adjustments.

One day, when I came to a website which offers free hot movies (only available in cinemas) to watch, I had taken a short survey in order to use the access. In that survey, I have given it my cell phone number and email address, forgetting to double check the “rule”. Now this is the result!

As soon as I register my cellphone number, since then I am continuingly sent competition text messages ( for an IPod Touch) like these below:

Message from 84040.
Q: What is Canada’s longest river? A: Fraser River or B: The Mackenzie River. Text either GIFT A or GIFT B to 84040! Info: 18666700126.

Message from 77277.
Q: What animal is depicted on the Canadian quarter? A: a Caribou or B: a Goose. Txt either GIFT A or GIFT B to 77277! Info: 18666700126.

Because I took the survey twice, then I have two sources of service which are sending me texts as 84040 and 77277. Although I never reply to these texts, still each costs me $15 per month. To eliminate these scams, all I have to do is simply text STOP to reply these texts.

Though it is too late for me now but it works perfectly. Right after I texted STOP, I receive from 40404040 a message like “You will no longer receive messages from this service. / Vous ne recevres plus de messages de cet service.”

Keep an eye on your cell-phone or you will pay “extra” like me for unnecessary things. $30 is the cost for me to know this. Hopefully, it will help you to avoid cell-phone scams.

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