September 22, 2009

Share the Warmth™ Home Energy Efficiency Project

This is the fourth year of the project that volunteers from SaskEnergy, TransGas, The Salvation Army, SIAST, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, SaskEnergy Network Members, and the community worked together to help Regina families improve the energy efficiency of their homes through the SaskEnergy Share the Warmth™ Home Energy Efficiency Project.

The Home Energy Efficiency Program is one of the many successful energy efficiency programs led by SaskEnergy. Share the Warmth Home Energy Efficiency Project aims to assist 2,500 families in communities throughout Saskatchewan by 2010.

The Share the Warmth Home Energy Efficiency Project will allow families in Regina to benefit from more than $200 worth of home improvements including: replacing furnace filters; installing programmable thermostats; replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs; preparing windows and doors for winter; and installing water saving showerheads and toilet tank inserts to save water. Families will save on energy and water consumption, noticing a difference on their utility bills of approximately $100 every year after the work is completed.

The Share the Warmth Home Energy Efficiency Project is available to homeowners with a combined annual household income of no more than $45,000. Local Salvation Army chapters, along with help from the Ministry of Social Services, have been responsible for selecting the families who will benefit from the project.

Check news releases at the beginning of July annually on SaskEnergy website for details of registration. Any homeowner or home renter can apply, but preference will be given to homeowners with an annual combined household income of no more than $45,000. Home renters who are responsible for paying 100% of their utility bills may be considered. The deadline for applications is July 31. Only those applicants selected will be contacted. Interested homeowners or home renters may call The Salvation Army in their area, visit the nearest SaskEnergy/TransGas office, or apply online here

For those who are interested in next year’s project , contact the Regina Salvation Army at 757-4600. For further information, question via email, mail or phone to:

Dave Burdeniuk
Manager, Communications
Phone: (306) 777-9842

Major Leonard Millar
The Salvation Army
Public Relations and Development
Phone: (306) 757-3111 or (306) 533-0756 (cell)

Jocelyne Wasacase-Merasty,
Manager of Communications
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Phone: (306) 659-3857

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  • Today, my sister participated in the project. She came with others to a household. She heard from the owner something like " Why do you come here again, all the things from last year are still in good condition". Then they all left the house with various thinkings.

    By Blogger tuyennguyen, At September 22, 2009 at 5:35 PM  

  • This is actually old information, to view this news release please go to

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 24, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

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