September 24, 2009

How to Become a Massage Therapist

To become a massage therapist in Saskatchewan a person must meet the standard entrance requirements as follows:

Submit a current copy of a criminal records check.
Successful completion and graduation from a 2,200 hour curriculum-based massage therapy course provided by a recognized massage therapy institute. Click here for a list of schools.
Successful completion of CPR Level C and Standard First Aid.
Upon successful completion of the above requirements the candidate must write and master (minimum score of 75%) each of the written and practical exams .
Upon successful completion of the examinations, the candidate may submit a membership application along with the required membership fee to MTAS.
All MTAS members are required to carry at least $2 million malpractice and liability insurance.

Western College of Remedial Massage Therapies
832 McCarthy Boulevard, Regina, Sask. S4T 6S7
Tel: 306-757-2242
Fax: 306-757-6858
Contact: Wayne Baiton

Full Time Program (2 years)
Remedial Massage Therapy - Year One
$ 7,946.10 Tuition
$ 1,206.65 Books & Materials
$ 20.00 Student Council Fee
$ 115.20 Insurance
$ 9,287.95 Total Year One
Remedial Massage Therapy - Year Two
$ 7,869.10 Tuition
$ 1 669.50 Books & Material
$ 20.00 Student Council Fee
$ 25.00 Grad Gown Rental
$ 115.20 Insurance
$ 9,698.80 Total Year Two
$18,986.75 Total Full Time Program Fees

Besides, there are three-year part-time program via distance education program with the total fees of $16,455.90. It also offers a 1 year part-time training program named "Freedom55" aiming at those who are going to retire. They can set a part-time job as relaxation practitioner or a part-time Massage Therapist. There are also other optional trainings such as CPR level C and Standard First Aid at $115.00 and Pre and Post Sports Massage at $315.00 (both tax included).

Click here to download application form, all tuition fees tables, and booklet about the College.

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