August 29, 2009

Practical Ways to Save Money!

These days, when new immigrants come to Regina, they are suggested with tips and experience on saving money by shopping in Dollarama, XS cargo, Value Village, etc. Some even will be advised to grasp a chance to receive benefits from Food Bank to save on grocery bills.

If the goals for some certain new-comers are only to receive benefits from government, this place or another, they will never go big, or escape from their poor mind and end up with a life of hell created for their own. Because benefits come with being poor, even when later they have money; receiving benefits drive them to be dishonest and lazy, disreputable.

To think big and get rich in the future, people have to try their best, taking every single chance they have to achieve their dreams, or just small wishes. Hence, knowing what to do and where to start is very important for new-comers in Regina.

The first things for new immigrants to deal with usually are how to get a driver’s license, buying a used car or new one, renting a house or buying one, possessing a cell phone, etc. Each of these things will come up with a cost of money even a big sum when they deal with mortgage. Having knowledge about money, tax, finance, economy is also very important. It will help them to manage their subsistence incomes to become reasonable incomes in a long run.

I personally think that the only way to solve the problem is to read the book “Spend Smarter, Save Bigger” of Margot Bai. The book can be found in Central Regina Public Library. It will help you to deal with monetary matter in an intellectual way. This book is written by a Canadian author and in Canadian economic basis, not like others just for U.S setting.

“Spend Smarter, Save Bigger gives Canadians practical advice on how to save money in BIG ways! Instead of wasting your money on short-lived luxuries, spend it on things that have lasting benefit. Saving money is the one reliable path to wealth that anyone can follow. You can turn an average income into significant wealth, just by making smarter choices on spending and saving your money.”

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