August 02, 2009

Start a Very Small Business With Free Money!

Many young people who have just graduated from a post-secondary major can not find a job. It is usually true, especially in this economic situation. Except to some basic sectors, job vacancies are still opened in neutralized job market; many specialized, clerical, entertaining or customer-service jobs are limited to new grads. A current solution for this just soars as an alternative to traditional job-expectation: Starting a business!

Well, saying is always easier than doing. Set up a business is crucial with a feasible idea. The idea can help anyone become genius, so that no matter will get along with the business. So what is the current social trend, then? What are people expecting now? What do they need for their lives to become more exciting? What are they in need for? If you can answer these questions, then you are 50% of success. The other 50% is to test your ideas. Having a good idea for business is something very exciting and challenging. You can either win big or lose badly with it.

Usually, the plan will stop on coming to budget. Many people will need the support from their family and relatives to start a small business. Since everyone is always in an endless need for money, how much money available they will have to lend you. And if you can collect a big sum from them, will it be enough for running your business on early days? Yeah, right! There will be a lot of other factors directly affecting your business. Let’s count here: enterprise experience, customers, cash flow, products, big load of work, network, publicity, etc. Do you have all those?

Luckily, you can solve all of these matters with one shoot: Join competitions in Business Plan. If you win, you will have all: fame, cash, mentoring, support, publicity, and much more. In Saskatchewan area, there are several organizations helping worthy entrepreneurs get a head start by hosting competitions that put business plan against business plan to compete for money and mentorship prizes. Check them out.

The purpose of the Progress2Capital Business Planning Competition is to increase the number of successful businesses in the Regina area. The competition is opened to anyone looking to start-up or diversifying a business based in the Regina region.

Venture Forward
The mission of Venture Forward is to keep Saskatchewan graduates here to stay, to create opportunity for graduates from across Canada to come to Saskatchewan and establish a business, to promote the importance of private sector investment in new business and to build on the premise that entrepreneurs should support entrepreneurs. It also creates a sustainable partnership between private and educational sectors for business development and continues to develop and learn as an active member of an international network of $50K business plan competitions

My future is here
Each year MyFiH uses the proceeds of its annual gala together with donations by the community to make a business capital fund available to a new or growing young entrepreneur. Applicants are professionally evaluated by Golden Opportunites Fund, who donate their services for the benefit of young entrepreneurs.

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