August 07, 2009

Secret of Immigrants’ ESL Classes

Coming to Regina, you will think whether you should come back to school to upgrade or completely change your majors. For immigrants, that is another story. They have to make a test for English proficiency and then they are sent to ESL classes in the name of LINC classes. The outcome of these classes is that they will get to higher level after a certain period of time as from LINC 2 to LINC 3 for example.

As the matter of fact, the total time to finish 2 certain complete levels taking a lot of time (We have the highest level of LINC 6 before ESL classes for post-secondary success), then many people give up their patience and turn to work for money.

In order to attend to a major in any Canadian Institutions for post-secondary education, people have to afford all three factors: money, education background, and English competence. About English, for international students, it is TOEFL Certificates (TC). For immigrants without TC, it is CanTest results unless they have to have high marks in Canadian Language Benchmark System.

With attending Benchmark classes, your results will make you qualified to study any majors in any Canadian Institutions.

How to attend to Benchmark classes? There are two ways. One is that you have to take your time through all LINC classes then you are transferred to Benchmark levels. Two is you take an exam for English competence on post-secondary success purpose- This exam is limited for seats so make sure you are set an appointment early for the test. All of these ways are free. The Benchmark levels are designed to set standards on linguistic ability of students for further education.

When you reach at least level 7 of Benchmark or more, you have qualified to study in any SIAST locations. You will not need Toefl or CanTest this time. For University entries, the level of Benchmark will be higher than 7.

The places where you can take exams for Benchmark are at SIASTs. You will need to know about the schedule to make appointment. Here is 2009-2010 Benchmark Assessment Schedule in SIAST Wascana Campus- Regina.

Last day to accept registration- August 14th.
Test day- August 20th.

Last day to accept registration- September 4th.
Test day- September 10th & 24th.

Last day to accept registration- October 4th.
Test day- October 8th & 22nd.

Last day to accept registration- November 6th.
Test day- November 12th & 26th.

Last day to accept registration- December 4th.
Test day- December 10th.

Last day to accept registration- December 22nd.
Test day- January 7th & 21st.

Last day to accept registration- January 29th.
Test day- February 4th & 8th.

Last day to accept registration- March 6th.
Test day- March 11th & 25th.

Last day to accept registration- April 1st.
Test day- April 15th &29th.

Last day to accept registration- May 8th.
Test day- May 13th & 27th.

Last day to accept registration- June 4th.
Test day- 10th & 24th.

For a specific of detail of Benchmark requirement for majors in SIAST, click here to download.

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