August 05, 2009

Information Solution for Specific Needs Within Saskatchewan

On these days, there are a lot of helpful sites providing free and adequate information about everything. For immigrants like us, sometimes we will need more of this sort of site like of Dr. Sumith Priyashantha’s in Saskatoon or my blog in Regina. However, the styles are quite different like mine focusing on updated news while Dr. Sumith Priyashantha’s on how to do stuffs. In the future, maybe there are your sites as well if you are passionate about sharing your knowledge.

As the matter of fact, everyone including me is so busy on private lives so the things we knew compared with ones still out there are minor. Then, sometimes, although we have made some discussions, we still have no answer for specific things. So who do we ask for help then?

Usually, people use their computers to access to the internet at home to find answers about stuffs. On wandering through websites, blogs and forums, they may recognize they are on sites of other countries on which its contents are not relevant to the need of finders.

Living in Regina, Saskatchewan, at least you will hope reading contents of sites within Canada. That will be perfect if you can find specific and helpful sites within Saskatchewan, or even Regina. Today, I would like to suggest you such a helpful site specifically designed for Saskatchewan residents. It is Saskatchewan Libraries with a slogan: “Access to information is a democratic right of everyone in Saskatchewan!”

Like you access to a real library, you can find every kind of information here. It is even more than a series of libraries. With this site, you can get direct links to many other specific Saskatchewan websites in various themes, find factual information or simply a book. You can also get real live online services answering all your concerns from Public Library Series, SIASTs, University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan on a weekday basis except holidays. It is so sweet, isn’t it?

In my opinions, helpful sites are extremely good to be. However, if I was asked, I prefer personal websites or blogs because they are something real, something local and up to date but not family’s, friend’s and relative’s sites. Hopefully, you will have (more) your own sites soon so that we will have more information in exchange for good shake.

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