July 23, 2009

Regina Is Changing

On these days, Regina is changing its appearance with many big building projects. In the near future, many Reginans will be able to feel more confident about their city.

Beside the famous McCallum Hill Centre's "twin towers" and the Cornwall Centre, Regina has been planning to get more eye-catching architectural and commercial buildings making it a real capital city.

Regina is willing to pay $350-million for a study into the possibility of building a domed stadium downtown that could seat up to 50,000 people and host sports, entertainment, conventions and other events.

The global transportation hub (GTH) project west of Regina is a multimodal transport facility linking road, rail, and air freight traffic also under construction.

Loblaws is already on board with a near one-million- square-foot warehouse about five kilometres west of the city. It plans to build $350-million warehouse and distribution facility on the site

Walmart Canada also said it was building an 185,000-square-foot "supercentre" in the new Harbour Landing subdivision south of the airport.

At the moment, Habitat for Humanity Regina is in construction for its new 15,000 square foot building. This $2.3-million-project is funded by the City of Regina and provincial government and the Government of Canada located on an approximately two acre site at 1640 Broder St.

Another major housing project is taking shape at College Avenue and Broad Street, where up to 600 townhouses and apartments are being built on the site of the old Anglican Church headquarters for the Diocese of Qu'Appelle and former allotment gardens.

Work is under way on a $1.9-billion expansion at Consumers' Co-operative Refineries Ltd., north Regina in dollar terms the biggest capital project in Regina's history.

The heart of Regina -- Victoria Park -- is also being transformed in the "City Square" project that will see 12th Avenue to the north modified as a space for walkers, cyclists and special events.

This is quite good news for those studying in educational and vocational institutions by now. In a few years to come, there will be a lots jobs created from these projects, making Regina a better place to work than ever.

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