July 18, 2009

The Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP)

Walking in Regina downtown, new Reginans can see many kind people coming from India, China and Philippine. Even you can have some colleagues from those countries at work. No bother wondering how if you know about CIIP.

In 2006, The Canadian government had set up a new initiative - the Canadian Immigration Integration Project - to help potential immigrants receive better information about the Canadian job market. The CIIP also works to help immigrants obtain evaluation of their credentials (diplomas, certificates and degrees). Anyone who applies for immigration to Canada can now receive this kind of employment assistance from Canadian officials before they leave their home country.

Launched in the field by the fall of 2006 and was due to conclude within 2 years, the Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) is a pilot funded by HRSDC (Human Resources and Social Development Canada).

In its pilot phase, CIIP is available in China, India and the Philippines. So CIIP offices are only in China, India and the Philippines. However, offices may be set up in other countries in the future.

The project is designed to help immigrants under the Federal Skilled Worker Program prepare for integration to the Canadian labour market while they are still in their country of origin completing final immigration requirements.

There is an exclusive website about this project alone. For more detail, you can visit to know more. Click here

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  • Please take our millions of illegal immigrants from the US so we don't have to flip the bill for them anymore. Thank you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At March 29, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

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