July 11, 2009

Using Regina Public Transit

Riding transit is the route to saving money. Owning and operating a vehicle can cost you thousands of dollars a year but taking Regina Transit costs under $700 a year… and that’s not including the money you’ll save by applying for the Federal Tax Credit for transit.

Adult $2.25(cash fare) $18(sheet of 10 tickets) $59/month(passes)

Youth (5-14)(cash fare) $1.75 $13.50(sheet of 10 tickets) $44/month (passes)

Child (under 5) Free All

Post-Secondary $2.25(cash fare) $18 (sheet of 10 tickets)$50/month(passes)

Senior (>65) $2.25 (cash fare)$18 (sheet of 10 tickets)$192/year or $96/half year(passes) Day/weekend family passes $6.50 each.

When you are in need of more frequent travel, you should purchase a bus pass.

Day pass: to use, you have to scratch off the month and day of travel. It is valid from Mon-Fri for unlimited travel- one person all day. On Sat-Sun, it can be used for a group of 2 adults and 3 children, or 1 adult and 4 children. It’s perfect if you want to see attractions in the Queen City without worrying about parking or traffic!

Weekend pass: This pass allows your family (maximum 2 adults and 3 children who are 18 years or younger) to ride any regular Regina Transit route as much as you like on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

Seniors pass: Seniors 65 and older can purchase a senior's annual or semi-annual bus pass at the Transit Information Centre.

Employer pass program: Annual passes are available for employees who work at businesses participating in the Employer Pass Program. The cost of a yearly Transit Photo ID pass is the same as purchasing ten (10) monthly adult bus passes. So enrolling in the program saves you over $100 a year!

Discounted monthly passes of $20 are available for residents receiving benefits from: Social Assistance, Transitional Employment Allowance, Saskatchewan Employment Supplement, and Provincial Training Allowance.

If you purchased a monthly pass, keep all of your expired monthly passes for the year. Write your name and address on the back of each pass.

If you hold a Seniors Pass Regina Transit will mail a letter to you at the beginning of the year indicating the amount you paid for the pass in during the eligible tax year. The Canada Revenue Agency will accept this letter as an official receipt for your pass.

If you have a Photo ID pass issued though the Employer Pass Program your employer will have included the amount you paid for your pass on your T4 slip.

Using your expired passes or letter from Regina Transit, you can follow the instructions included in your income tax package from the Canada Revenue Agency to claim your credit on your income tax. In case you pay cash for the fare, you can ask for a bus transfer if you need it. Transfer allows you using unlimited travel in any direction including return trips. It will be expired one hour after you board the bus.

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