July 07, 2009

How much a blogger can earn

Below is a link of http://www.usnews.com/ discussing about the current potential of blog business. Take a look: click here

As you see. It is quite tough to earn with blogs and websites even pennies at the beginning. Well, when you have a new-born site. It will not be easily found on any search engine so there is no way for anyone to view your site. You have to submit your URL to every single search engine and community to create traffic to your site.

After a long time of posting frequently your writings, your sites will appear on search engines. At that time, your sites' age would get 3-4 months already. It is true that the more frequently you post, the more chances you have your sites to be recommended on search engines. However, it is also tough for anybody to be a good writing generator. How can one write an article without ideas. So, the content of your sites make things, not others. Imagine that, you accidently visit a site through search engines. On that site, everything is simple and plain. The quanlity of posts are boring and uninformative. How long would you stay on that site? Do you ever think to come back to read a single post of it? Maybe you will see my site at that state: so plain and simple now when you are reading this post. Actually, I am a newbie myself. I dream to start a blog to share things in my life. Then I reckon about Google Adsense and I have what to start to write about. Sweet!

In the beginning of this job- earning on internet, you should be patient and work hard. Your result later will be very rewarding if you can keep posting and taking care of your sites so that potential visitors won't think it an abandoned site of a lazy newbie.

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