July 07, 2009

Regina Newcomer with a look at cell-phones

Are you new in Canada? Are you looking for a cell-phone carrier but you are still wondering how much it will cost you? In this post, I will help you go over this issue with my best knowledge.
Actually, I am an immigrant myself, getting here from last September. At first, I have no money in my wallet, and I do not a cell phone to control my contact network. I have no car and if I have one, still I can not drive it without a driver’s license. These are some of many things I have well in control in my mother country. However, I am new here and confused to restart everything again.

After a while, maybe you have had a job and earning money. Sometimes, you will think of having a cell for your convenience in everyday activities. So, just do it. Because nobody will do it for you and you are in need for a cell-phone, not someone else.
There are six cell phone carriers in Regina, SK. They are Fido, Koodo, Rogers, Sasktel, Telus, and Virgin. You can easily find their locations along the main way in Cornwall Center in Regina downtown.

On using a cell-phone, you have two options to deal with the bills. Basically, carriers will offer Pay-As-You-Go and Plan of X year(s) services. X can be 1,2 or 3. If you buy a same phone with a term of 1 year, it will be more expensive than one of 2 years then of 3 years. If your demand is not really high, and you want to save on monthly bills, which one will be better? Well, it depends!
First, let’s have a look at Carriers’ Plans then decide later: Virgin Sasktel Fido Rogers Koodo Telus

When you have a cell-phone, with contract or pay as you go basis, you will have a certain number of available text messages to text, and a set of day-time to call and receive calls to and from other cell-phone users. Although you receive or actively set up a call, your day-time will be spent. It will be free only if you have a call with other users of the same carrier. So, ask your friends and family members in advance which carrier’s service they are with before you choose a carrier. One more thing is if you buy a cell-phone of Rogers, it can not be used in Sasktel network and vice versa. There is one way to deal with the fact that you love a certain kind of cell-phone, but your carrier does not have it. Then you have to buy it from another carrier. How can you use that cell phone in your carrier network? Just unlock it! There are many places offering this service in Regina, you can check one of them here: A Local Unlock or CellUnlockCodes

Also you can try to unlock your cell-phone with careful instruction online: Globalunlock
For those who are money-shorted at the time, you can also check out used items on sales from local people in websites and online communities. Remember, just buy unlocked or the same-carrier cell phones from these places. You can check these two local websites in Regina:

UsedRegina Or Kijiji Regina

Be cautious with trading in this way and enjoy. Here is a helpful note from Usedregina website: “If the seller cannot or will not meet you in person, be suspicious. Never send money in advance. Always inspect and/or test the item fully before paying for it. If it can't be inspected or tested before the sale, just say "no"”.

On choosing your own cell-phone, I suggest that you should buy long-life-battery cell phones to avoid charging-hassle annoyance later

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