July 14, 2009


For immigrants who are want to reinvest in study rather than spending time to get Canada-based credentials for their previous career, IQAS is the first thing in three-some of requirement for post-education. Submit to IQAS will help immigrants have a grade-12 equivalent certificate, or even more.

The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) of Alberta Government opened its doors on June 1, 1994. IQAS evaluates the education of individuals who obtained their education abroad and issues certificates of comparison to educational standards in a Canadian province. The mandate of IQAS is to provide a fair and credible educational assessment service that recognizes education achieved in countries outside of Canada.

Cost for Assessment (in Canadian dollars):

Basic Assessment: $100
Description of Course Work Assessment:
(One university/college degree) $200
(Each additional university/college degree) $75
Assessment for Educational Institution: $100
Documents Returned by Courier (within Canada) $10
Documents Returned by Courier (international) $45

Documents needed to be submitted:

Original certificates(s)/diploma(s)/degree(s) and transcripts/mark sheets/grade reports are required for an IQAS assessment.
One additional set of photocopies of all educational documents
For an Assessment for Educational Institution, secondary/high school documents are required in addition to university/college documents.Please note that an assessment cannot be completed until all documentation is submitted and it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the documentation required for their assessment.
Individuals whose current name is different from the name on their educational documents (e.g., through marriage) must submit a photocopy of proof of their name change (e.g., marriage certificate, record of landing).
English translations are required. All English translations must be completed, word-for-word, and in the same format as the original documents. IQAS will review them to determine their acceptability. Please note that IQAS does not do translating.

To have an application form, visit Regina Public Libraries or Open Door Society, or print online at: click here
Then, mail your completed applications to:
International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

9th Floor, 108 Street Building9942 - 108 Street

Edmonton, ABCanada T5K 2J5

Telephone: (780) 427-2655Fax: (780) 422-9734
Saskatchewan phone: 1-800-999-3965
Canada and overseas call direct: 1-780-427-2655

After around two weeks, when you put your applications into post box, you will receive a mail from IQAS, saying that the process will take approximately 8-10 weeks to complete. The fact is that it will take 12 weeks like my case. Do not be worried about losing your materials, or call to IQAS as it takes time away from staff working on the assessment. When the assessment is done, everything will be sent back to you with a new certificate.

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